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Math Club: Not Just For Math Majors Anymore

“I think a lot of people think it’s just a club for math people or math majors,” Muriel Holmquist, a senior majoring in mathematics at Auburn University who has been a member of the math club for a year, said. “But we have people in the club that aren’t math majors or math minors.”

Muriel says that the vice president of the math club isn’t even a math major, but is a foreign language major, minoring in Chinese language. She says that most of the members are either majoring or minoring in math but any major can join the club as long as you have an interest in math.

“Obliviously about half the majors in the club have something to do with math, but some majors really don’t, and that’s the beauty of it,” Muriel says. “We aren’t there to make you something you’re not, we’re just there to show you that math is fun.”

The Facebook page for the math club describes the club as being “a campus organization designed to connect people who share an interest in math. The math club is a group of friends who can have fun embracing their nerdiness. All are welcome, whether you are a math major, math ed. major, or just someone who likes math.”

The club meets once a month, typically on the first Thursday of each month, in Parker Hall in Room #324 Muriel says.

The Facebook group says that the meetings “include socializing, an interesting guest speaker, and free snacks/drinks! We also have fun events like movie nights.”

“Fall, I think is the fun part of the year when we get to do more of the fun stuff because we have the puzzle challenge,” Muriel says. “Which is like this big weekend long scavenger hunt, all around Auburn.”
The puzzle challenge is done by graduate students in the math department and the riddles are all math related and whoever finishes the puzzle first wins, Muriel says.

“Another fun thing I’m really looking forward to this year is, we have middle schools and high schools come to Auburn, and we have two or three days were we have almost a math fair kind of thing,” Muriel says. “We take the kids around Auburn and do activities with them that involve math, so it lets them see that math can be fun and that math is more than just being in the class room.”

Muriel says that it’s important to show people that math isn’t something to be scared of, and that math isn’t only for a certain type of person or that you have to be a genius to like math.

“I just love math,” Muriel says. “That’s all you have to do, you have to love math and study it.”

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