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May graduation is approaching and Auburn University seniors are frantically sending out resumes in hopes that a job awaits them at the end of school. This stressful time can make students feel like they are participating in the Hunger Games, competing with others to find an ideal job.
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So what is the secret to finding a job after college graduation? Career Development Services at Auburn University exists to guide students in every stage of the job search.

Haven Hart is the Student Employment Coordinator at Career Development Services and offers advice to students on the job hunt. “If a student is in their senior year, I hope they are in the midst of an active search as many employers are filling positions for those graduating in May” said Hart.

“The Tiger Recruiting Link is a great resource for job seekers. Local, regional and national employers register their jobs on this website and students are able to submit resumes through the system. The Auburn Career Center can help students with their resume, interview skills, career assessments and more” Hart said.

So once students utilize the services Career Development offers they need to decipher what jobs to look for. “Ideally, a student will find a job that is a good match for their skills and qualifications” Hart explains, “It is important that students conduct research on the company with which they are looking to work to determine salary, expectations, responsibilities, opportunity for professional development and growth. “

Hart also discusses what employers are looking for in applicants. “The top attribute that an employer looks for is leadership. It’s important for students to demonstrate to potential employers the transferable skills they gained through their work in internships, student organizations, part time employment, group assignments in the classroom, etc. “

Hart believes extracurricular activities can help students stand out. “What students learn inside the classroom is obviously important but what they learn outside of the classroom will set them apart from other applicants” said Hart.

Other than the Tiger Recruiting Link, Career Development Services offers Hart recommends utilizing other outlets. “Students should consider using websites such as Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Through both of these, students can learn more about companies, search vacant positions and network with current employers.”

These tips are just a few to help seniors begin their job search. For more information on the services provided by AUCC, go to

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