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Meteorologist Meg’s Top 10 Tips and Tricks

AUBURN, Ala. -- Meg McGuffin was crowned 2014's Miss Auburn University on Jan. 25. Now, she tells all. Check out her secrets to success!

“There’s a trick around everything,” McGuffin says, and she’s giving us all of hers.

Meteorologist Meg’s Top 10 Tips and Tricks:

  1. Makeup
    "Just play up the features you already have on your face." 

    Source: Auburn University Photographic Services

  2. Eyeshadow
    "Neutral colors are always key."

    Source: Makeup Artist Network

  3. Favorite beauty product
    "MAC Potted Eyeliner. I was never a fan of using liquid eyeliner because it makes a mess, but it looks really good. So, with the potted eyeliner, you get the same look with no mess. That’s my favorite beauty product. It stays very well."

    Source: Mac Cosmetics and Red Rose Magazine

  4. How to make it last:
    "If you’re gonna be sweating, Smashbox makes an incredible primer. I used to use it all the time when I was a Tiger Paw, and my makeup would stick even in the heat on the field throughout the whole football game."

    Source: Smashbox Cosmetics

  5. Skincare
    "I’ve used ProActive for as long as I can remember. [Another success story?] Yes. I actually am a case where if I use another kind, I break out. My skin’s addicted."

    Source: Proactiv

  6. Going out on the town?
    "Learn to walk in heels! How? Walk heel-to-toe. You just have to learn how to walk heel-to-toe. Being a dancer, I spent so much time in releve and on my tip-toes, that walking in heels comes second-nature."

    Source: Flickr | Raphaël Labbé

  7. Static in your hair?
    "Dryer sheets work fantastically."

    Source: Her Campus

  8. Biggest fashion faux pas on campus? 
    "Wearing Nike shorts and Uggs... on campus... at the same time. I’ll admit, I’m guilty of doing it if I’m running to the gas station. But on campus, where you’re gonna see people you know, I would stray away from it."

    Source:Courtney Dougherty (@cdough237October 7, 2012
    "It's Nike shorts and uggs season again y'all!!!!!!!! #makeitstop"

  9. Careful how you’re quoted!
    “In 'The Auburn Plainsman', they didn’t change my quote and I sounded like an idiot. I said the “cherry on top of the cake” instead of the ‘cherry on top’ and I was like, ‘I sound so stupid!’ We see celebrities get misquoted all the time [because wrapping up the end of a sentence with some sort of beautiful sentiment] is hard. If you can answer the question, have a good reason for it, then wrap it up – you’re golden.”

    Source: "The Auburn Plainsman"

  10. Get involved!

    “This is my second semester doing Eagle Eye TV. I was an anchor last semester, and I’m an anchor again this semester.”

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