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The other day I was flipping through a travel magazine and an article jumped out at me, probably because I saw "Disney World" in big bold letters, and I love everything Disney!!

The article brought up a recent scam happening in Orlando. Apparently identity thieves have been disguising themselves as pizza parlors and have been handing out flyers to guests at Disney World, some going so far as to slip their flyers under guests’ doors in Disney resorts. Many people have fallen victim to these scams, while looking for a late night snack or perhaps trying to find something quick and kid friendly on family vacations. Ordering pizza from these places will really make you pay.

Disney, upon discovering what was happening, has been very supportive of a law cracking down on people who are allowed to hand out flyers around the amusement parks. However, police have commented that the problem still persists. So, word to the wise, if you’re craving anything from a flyer (or anything at all) you may want to ask the front desk for recommendations!

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