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Late nights in Auburn often end with a visit to Momma Goldberg’s Deli where a wide selection of steamed sandwiches, salads and their famous nachos can please any college students’ taste buds.


Momma G’s, as the regulars call it, opened its original location in 1976. Since then, three other locations have been opened in the Auburn area.


Like Toomer’s Corner, Samford Hall and J&M Bookstore, Momma G’s is an Auburn landmark and another one of the University’s beloved traditions. Located on the corner of Magnolia Ave. and Dean Road just a block away from Jordan-Hare Stadium, this restaurant is in the perfect location for hungry football fans to visit after the games.


Emma Brueckner, an employee at the original Momma G’s location, has been working at the restaurant since last summer. Brueckner works up to 40 hours a week while still managing to maintain a full load of classes. She spends a great deal of her time in Momma G’s and she said it has become somewhat of a second home to her.


“Maybe I’m biased because I work here, but I really do think it’s something that is quintessentially Auburn,” Brueckner said. “It holds a similar significance to the Toomer’s trees because for over 30 years people have come to Momma G’s to celebrate wins.”


Even if we suffer a loss, fans still flee to Momma G’s for some nachos or a cold pitcher of beer. No matter what the occasion Mama G’s is a gathering place for the people of Auburn, whether residents, college students or visitors.


“We have people come in from literally all of the country saying they want a Momma’s Love,” Brueckner said. “I think that’s pretty cool.”


Momma G’s is also a great place for future Auburn students to go who may be visiting Auburn for the first time. There is never a shortage of Auburn atmosphere. The walls of Momma G’s are filled with photos of previous Auburn sports teams and old newspaper articles from past Iron Bowls. It is a great place to begin to feel the Auburn spirit and start to build your Auburn pride.


Momma G’s is another Auburn tradition that will not expire any time soon. As long as Momma G’s keeps serving the nachos, Auburn fans will keep pouring in to eat them.


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