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What Your Favorite Auburn Symbol Says About You

Vintage Aubie

If this vintage logo of Aubie is your favorite then you always give a kind War Eagle to every person you meet. See a stranger wearing a tiny bit of orange? War Eagle! Someone mentions the state of Alabama? War Eagle! It’s just the southern hospitality in you. One of your proudest moments was when your perfect selfie of Aubie received more than 60 likes. You sometimes miss an important play or two on the field because you’re watching the Auburn University Marching Band jam out. You’re never fully dressed without your game day button. You sent out a Christmas card addressed "To: Everyone, From: The Auburn Family" with a photo of the 2013 Iron Bowl celebration. Do they make Auburn stick figure families for your car? You need to look into that A.S.A.P. You’re always happy because you know that any day dressed in orange and blue is a good day.

Interlocking AU

The interlocking of the A and the U is your favorite because it signifies how Auburn has interlocked into your own life. You actually do bleed orange and blue because you came into the world with an AU tattoo on your face. Toomer’s lemonade is in your daily diet. The Auburn Creed was your high school yearbook quote. You are seriously considering being married on Samford Lawn and cried for days over Toomer’s Oak. You know to never schedule a fall wedding because relationships are put on hold during football season. Your dream is to be surprised on Christmas Day with Auburn tickets to the biggest game of the year. You're now considering forwarding this article to everyone you know to make sure that this happens. You know, just in case they happened to already be thinking about your Christmas present.

Tiger Eyes

You’re an understudy to Malzahn when it comes to driving the Gus Bus. You were “All In” before being “All In” was cool. Tailgate? Already set up three days ago. Gus vest? Bought it the first day it majestically appeared on the field. Joke about Nick Saban? Already said it, twice. Your lucky shaker rests its magic on your car dashboard. You’re the one starting chants at Toomer’s Corner. You can’t resist taking a photo of each crooked Alabama car sticker you see. You spend more time reading the Auburn sports online message boards than you do talking to your significant other. You only joined Twitter to tweet at recruits. The Auburn version of "Rammer Jammer" is obviously your favorite cheer.

 Samford Hall
Whether you are a student, fan or an alumni, this symbol means home to you. You’re like Samford Hall. Strong, dependable and always there to celebrate an Auburn victory. You keep it cool when rivals are talking smack because after Auburn wins all you have to do is smile a big grin to your friends. You know that a picture speaks a thousand words, especially your picture of the 2013 SEC Championship game scoreboard. Your happy place is when you drive into the loveliest village on the plains and see Samford smiling right back at you. While you may not be screaming at the non-Auburn fan sitting in your section at the game, you are still extremely proud to be an Auburn man or woman.

Cam Newton

Do I even need to explain why this should become the next official symbol? War Eagle.

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