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Have you heard the names Harry Adams, Cam Newton, Ben Tate, Frankie Sullivan, Kenny Gabriel, and Jay Wade?  Do any of those names ring a bell? If you keep up with Auburn sports I am sure you recognize most, if not all of those names listed. All of those mentioned were pretty good athletes at their perspective sports. Did you also know they had to be students as well? Jenice Jackson is known by all of the student-athletes that you love to watch compete. I’m sure everyone is aware that the football players do not only play football or that the basketball players do not just only play basketball. In order to be eligible for any sport the athletes are required to go to school and perform fairly well.


There is a lot of work put into school by student-athletes here at Auburn. Jenice Jackson plays a very important part in keeping these students in action. Jackson can be considered the engine that keeps Auburn student-athletes going.


Jackson works in the Auburn Athletic complex, where she monitors the student-athletes who come in and out of study hall. There is a lot required of her being the monitor for all of the student-athletes. When thinking of someone who monitors somewhere, you may think of them as simply watching and observing. That is not the case here.


Jackson is not your average monitor; her job is actually very demanding. In order to be a monitor at the complex you better be on point. According to Jackson this is a very busy nonstop job. When asked about her job she said, “I’m a monitor, my job involves a lot of things such as making sure students swipe in and out of study hall, making sure they are where they need to be on time, I even have to make sure the students meet with mentors, and tutors as much as they need.”


Jackson known by everyone at the complex as Ms. Jenice is truly the engine that keeps the students going. Her cheerful attitude just brightens up the building everyday that she comes into work. According to Eric Mack (a former Auburn football player) who said, “Ms. Janice keeps me on track all the time. If I do not really feel like coming into study hall or doing much work, she will pull me to the side and talk to me and convince me to keep working hard and accomplish my goal of graduating. She just genuinely cares about us.”


How did Auburn get so lucky to get such a sweet person like Jackson here? Jenice Jackson was born and raised here in Auburn, Ala. Jackson was working at First Tuskegee Bank prior to coming to work at Auburn. Her boss from the bank at that time was very close friends with Stacey Danley who was a former Auburn football player from years ago. Jackson met Danley one day he came into the bank and they had a conversation about Auburn. At the time Danley was working in the compliance office at the Auburn Athletic Complex. Jackson said, “I remember asking Danley if they had any part time jobs available?” and he said, “Yes, we have one available in study table.” After meeting with the people over at the complex Jackson was hired and the rest is history.


When asked about what she loves most about Auburn, Jackson says, “I love that Auburn is family. Everybody just comes together as one and the unique thing about having this job is meeting athletes and people from all over the world. You all make it exciting.”


Jackson has been working at Auburn as the Monitor for Student Athlete Support Services since 2004. Her current work hours are from 8:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.


Jackson mentioned that her favorite Auburn tradition would have to be the “Tiger Walk!” She said, “I just really love Tiger Walk, there is nothing like it.” During the interview with Jackson I attempted to find out if Jackson had a favorite group of athletes, but Jackson being who she is could not pick just one. She didn’t surprise me by saying, “All of the above, I love all of the sports. The football players may come in dancing and the soccer girls may come and just have a long talk with me about anything.” Jackson really enjoys the different personalities from the student-athlete.


Jackson recalled her favorite memory since working at the athletic complex. She smiled and began telling me about the experience. She went on to say, “CeCe Williams and some of the other track girls came and told me Ms. Jenice we gone dance for you. And they actually had a full dance routine that they had prepared for me.” I was in total shock. But it was sweet and funny.” As you can see just from that story the impact Jackson has on the students. She is so sweet and down to earth that the athletes actually look forward to coming to study hall even if it is just to see and talk with her.


However the student athletes are not the only students who have the opportunity to get study help. Did you know that all students also have access to some form of study

help? Auburn University has many such programs. The largest is the

Study Partners program and it is open to all students. You may learn

More at



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