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“It was always something I was meant to do,” said Rod Bramblett, sports broadcaster for Auburn football, basketball and baseball.  

Bramblett grew up in Valley, Alabama, as a huge Georgia bulldogs fan.  He never thought he would end up at Auburn University in the 1980s. As a child, Bramblett always enjoyed listening to the radio and, of course, sports radio.  In 1977 Bramblett went to his first Auburn game versus Georgia. That game couldn’t convince him to become an Auburn fan, but not long after attending Auburn University he was converted.

“I was completely converted.  I fell in love with Auburn,” Bramblett said. 

After graduating Auburn, Bramblett worked at Lee Scott Academy and Chambers Academy doing play-by-play broadcasting.  In 1993, Bramblett started his career at Auburn.  He started broadcasting for baseball and 10 years later took over men’s football and basketball.

“After my first full season of football it was in my blood,” Bramblett said.

Bramblett is known for his famous radio quote from the 2013 Iron Bowl.  Bramblett described this moment as something that just happened. He didn’t even realize what he said afterwards. Of course not knowing the publicity he would get from those words, it was something that changed his life.  

“That moment was the moment that took me and Stan to a different level.  It was the greatest finish I had ever seen in my life,” Bramblett said. 

After those famous words, Bramblett continued on his normal routine not knowing that his life would be interrupted with over 100 interview requests the following Monday. This lingered over the course of the next week and everyone suddenly knew who the Auburn football announcer was.  A month later, Bramblett was named the national broadcaster of the year. 

“That moment is like anything I had experienced.  It changed my career and personal life,” Bramblett said.  

Bramblett had never been trained in broadcasting but it was something he has always had a passion for.  Bramblett stays busy doing what he loves, moving from one sport to the next. Being organized and prepared is key in transitioning from sport to the next.  Some parts of the year, Bramblett will have sports that overlap like football, basketball and baseball.  

“You have to treat sports broadcasting like you’re getting ready for a test.  Making sure you study, prepare and take notes,” Bramblett said.  

Making sure you paint a picture for your audience is key in being a good sports broadcaster.  You have to make sure and give your audience what they want to hear.

Bramblett talked about making sure your listeners know that you care and are living and dying with every play like they are.  

“You have to make sure and give them what they want to hear.  They can hear the passion in your voice,” Bramblett said.  

In the end, Bramblett couldn’t imagine doing anything else. He loves Auburn and loves being the voice of Auburn’s football, basketball and baseball programs.  

You can check out Auburn Athletics website for information on Auburn sports teams

Photo from Elaina Turley 

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