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More Traffic Than Expected in Student Center


The new Student Center has been a great success and has exceeded many people’s expectations. Estimated, using door counters, over 2 million people have walked into the Student Center since May 2010. An astonishing amount of traffic that no one anticipated. 

It is a busy place for students, families, and anyone visiting Auburn. Those who are in charge of the building’s success work hard to keep the building safe and in its best condition and students are grateful. Always pursuing this goal is Patricia Furr, who is sure to enjoy her hard work and loves seeing students engaged in the Student Center. Furr is the Administrative Assistant for the Director of the Student Center and has worked with Auburn for nine years.


She is one on a team of twenty-four who work to be sure the Auburn Student Center is functioning with excellence. 



The Auburn Student Center since 2008 has become a familiar place for many students. The building was designed with the goal to give students a place to call their own on campus and provide the services and facilities needed for the social, personal and intellectual development of individual students and groups of students.


Student’s interest in the Student Center is obvious by the crowds of people always in it but it can go overlooked at all the hard work that is behind the scenes to make such a building a great success. Furr understands all the aspects that create a clean and functioning Student Center and strives to give Auburn students a comfortable and fun place to go.


Working with Auburn for nine years, Furr has seen a lot of change and development at Auburn. She was employed at the Foy Student Center and would always feel so much emotion when James Foy would be there. “When James Foy would come to the building, it was nearly surreal to know that the building you work in, is named after that man, and because of what he achieved and has done. You see Foy and you see Auburn.” Says Furr. The respect for such an Auburn man made the dedication of his desk is a memory that stands out to Furr in her reflections of the new Student Center. Although she has seen a lot of change she has seen the spirit of Auburn consistently grow stronger.


Gameday’s are probably one of the reasons the Student Center has received as much traffic as it has. Furr emphasizes that the football seasons have proved that it is not only a Student Center, but also just as welcoming to families as well. On any given gameday you will find tons of chairs in front of TV’s on every floor of the Student Center. Gameday’s are a great use of the facilities and perfect gameday environment for the family.



Hopefully, the excess amount of traffic won't take a toll on the building and we can maintain a great looking Student Center for many years to come. We all need to be aware of the life of the building and do what we can to ensure a long lasting Student Center for those ahead of us to enjoy.



There are a number of things that go on in the Student Center and in all aspects the Student Center has been a success. The goal of a central place for students to claim as their own has been achieved and the hard work of many is noticed. Thank you Mrs. Furr and the entire team for all your hard work in serving students and maintaining a building that is safe and clean for the entire Auburn Family to enjoy.

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