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My Last Saturday Down South in the Auburn Student Section

Fall is just another word for football season in the south. People travel far and wide to experience a Saturday down south and watch their team play. Among the many different SEC football experiences, nothing compares to a game day at Auburn. At Auburn, it's not only about having the die-hard fans or tailgates before the game. It's about the tradition, the Auburn family, and the spirit in the air that unites us all.

While standing in the student section at my last game in Jordan-Hare as a student, I reflect on all of the memories I've made here over the past four years. I remember my first game day at Auburn like it was yesterday. I had my orange and blue dress and my cowboy boots picked out weeks before the big day. There was no need to worry about being new to the school because I was welcomed everywhere and by everyone. After four years, nothing has changed.

Today, I look around and realize that the friends I made on that first game day, four years ago, are the same friends who surround me today at my last. We hold onto each other from the moment the eagle flies around the field until the clock strikes 0:00. During the game, we, Auburn students, never gave up hope or hype.

"The feeling you get being in the student section is electric, I get goosebumps just thinking about it," says Auburn senior Colleen Casey.

The entire student body unites by chanting, dancing and everything in between. Cheerleaders lead us in chants and cheers throughout the game. We dance and sing during time-outs, and the football team even joined us at times. We stormed the field when we beat Alabama. And of course, we rolled every tree at Toomer's Corner.

"They seized the moment... Our fans were off the charts and really helped us win this game," coach Gus Malzahn says.

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