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Potential Auburn University students, current students and alumni have one thing in common, Career Development Services or CDS.

Most students know where the office is and when career expos are, but few realize the full resources of this department. Career Development Services offers aid from students who are looking to find the right major, to alumni who might want to switch careers.

“What we do in CDS is we work with students and alumni through the entire career development process,” career counselor Karen Pruett explains. “From choosing a major, looking for an internship, looking for a part-time job, looking for a full time job upon graduation, getting the resume together. All of that is encompassed in the career development process. So that’s what we help students do.”

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Upon admission into Auburn University, career development services is ready to help.
“We really recommend that students come to see us as soon as they get on campus,” Pruett says. “They start deciding on their major and even if a student knows what they want to major in when they get here, its good to explore resources and see what all is out there.”

CDS can also help students avoid Internet job search sites that aren’t directed toward college students by referring them to Tiger Recruiting Link. Tiger Recruiting Link can narrow the job search to part-time, full-time job or internship and can also help locate which companies have Auburn alumni as contacts. This Web site can be found at

Students nearing the end of their college career should also take advantage of CDS special events such as, career expos, education interview day, graduate and professional school day, internship and summer job fair and part-time job fair. Schedules are available online and in the career handbook.

Career counseling is also available for students to help answer specific questions about anything dealing with majors, jobs and careers. Another service unique to CDS is that they are happy to make appointments with classes, groups and organizations.

Pruett explains, “We do request for presentations and are very flexible to come to students.”

After graduation, CDS is still there for alumni. “We also offer these services to alumni,” Pruett states.

“So if an alumni up there decides they want to change careers, want to kind of figure out maybe this isn’t the path I want to be on, they can also use our services.”

Career Development Services is located on campus at 303 Mary Martin hall and online at Walk-in hours are from noon to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday or call 334-844-4744 to set up an appointment with a career counselor.

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