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New Leadership Fosters New Opportunities for Auburn

The Auburn University Presidential Selection Committee has recently selected Steven Leath to serve as Auburn’s ninth president.

This news brings a wave of excitement to the Plains as students prepare for Leath to take control of the university administration, but there are still students who don’t know much about the man they will soon call president.

 Prior to Leath’s arrival at Auburn, he served as the president of Iowa State where he left a very positive impact. Upon reviewing his time at Iowa State, Leath displayed several strengths that could prove very beneficial to Auburn during his tenure here.

Auburn University senior, Cody Bass, has extensive experience with campus politics due to his active role as president of WEGP and his involvement in SGA. In regards to Leath’s experience, Bass said, “I have no doubt that Dr. Leath will do an outstanding job for Auburn as president. His track record at Iowa State speaks for itself. One of the most important things in higher education is the ability to fund raise, and Dr. Leath has proven this to be one of his greatest personal strengths.”

The fundraising ability Bass is speaking about is reflected in his fundraising campaign at Iowa State which raised the university over 1.1 billion dollars.

SGA Senator Lucy Anne Link believes this skill set will be a very valued asset for Auburn University. Link said, “A lot of the initiatives, construction projects, etc. students desire are dependent on adequate funding. If Leath has similar success fundraising at Auburn as he did at Iowa State, there is no telling what kind of advantages will be afforded to Auburn students across campus.”

Another key accomplishment during Leath’s tenure at Iowa State was his ability to attract students. Under Leath’s direction, Iowa State increased its student enrollment from slightly over 31,000 to 36,660 students.

In regards to this stellar increase in student enrollment, Link said, “I believe one of the most important aspects of being a university president is the ability to attract high quality students. In an environment where student enrollment is decreasing at many institutions across the country, it is especially important to have a president who can make Auburn desirable to potential students.”

An effective way to see what will happen in the future is to look to the past. If Leath brings his strengths from Iowa State to Auburn, he will accomplish his goal of leaving Auburn a better place than he found it. 

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