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New Scoreboard for Jordan-Hare Stadium

Auburn University students and fans are about to witness one of the University’s biggest upgrades to date: a completely new, state of the art scoreboard in Jordan-Hare Stadium. The new scoreboard will measure 200 feet by 57 feet, which is standard for the National Football League, NFL, according to David Benedict, Chief Operating Officer of Auburn Athletics. The athletic department has been discussing a new scoreboard for a while according to Benedict.

“We started discussing the new scoreboard prior to the beginning of the 2014 football season,” Benedict said. “There have been problems with the current scoreboard, which is primarily the reason for putting in a new scoreboard. A significant number of the LED cells that emit the light for the board have been comprised because of water getting inside. The new cells that will be used to build the scoreboard will be impervious to water unlike the old ones. Andrew Young, who runs War Eagle Productions, began talking to us about where our current board is at from a life cycle station, which could fail potentially if we don’t take the necessary action now.”

Besides the fact that the new scoreboard will be enormous and unlike anything any other college football stadium has seen, it will contain several new features that the old scoreboard doesn’t have.

“It’s not just the video board that we are adding,” Benedict said. “The total project includes the public address system (PA), a new ribbon boarder known as fascia and a state of the art video board. A large part of the cost is the structure to hold the new board. The new PA system sound will be much different with improved technology to allow us to take our video board, fascia and any monitor within the stadium and coordinate them altogether. Also, it will recognize a sponsor on everything throughout the stadium, which creates a higher premium. The bigger size will allow us to do different things with the new board, such as the ability to show a replay or put two football games on prior to the Auburn game kickoff.”

(Photo of proposed size from College Football Talks via NBC Sports)

Auburn University has already begun the process by removing the old scoreboard during March. The exact completion date for the installation of the new board is not set at this point, but the athletic department anticipates that it will certainly be finished before the first game according to Benedict.

“Currently, we are working on the foundations,” Benedict said. “We had to remove the existing structure because of the size and will use existing outside supports and middle new foundations. The new board began fabrication at the end of March. Before the board can be put up, there is a lot of structure work that must be done. We hope all of it will be completed by Aug. 1, so that once the board is actually installed regardless of finishing work, will be able to start testing to prepare before first game.”

Many students and fans are very excited for the addition of the new scoreboard with its state of the art features. This has been a priority for several years now.

“I think we are making a significant investment in the fans and student athletes experience for game day,” Benedict said. “The Auburn fans have been communicating to us over the past two years through surveys that this is high on their things to be addressed. We want our fans to enjoy coming to football games that is equal to anyone else’s in the country. When they come to Jordan Hare want them to have the best experience possible.”

The new scoreboard will also impact the Auburn community significantly.

“The new scoreboard will truly enhance everyone’s experience,” Benedict said. “It will be able show movies on movie nights, so we might reach out to the student body to take advantage of that. The investment we are making from a size perspective is one of the largest in the country. From a technology standpoint, it will be the newest, latest and best technology available.”

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