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Gentlemen, it’s mid-October which means it’s almost No Shave November — the month where we distinguish the men from the boys. So, gear up and check out these Auburn men with facial hair for a little inspiration. 

Ready. Set. Grow. 

1. "The Belieber"


Shout out to all the fellas out there who have “rocked” this look since your middle school years when you first heard Lil’ Bow Wow rapping about the peach fuzz on his upper lip. This look is for you.

All you have to do is drink a glass of milk and voilà, you’ve now tricked people into believing your milk mustache is the real deal.

Grow difficulty: a toddler could grow this mustache. 

2. "The Michael Cera" 

This one time Michael Cera grew a mustache and it was glorious in every ironic way. With a pinch of awkward and a smidgen of charm you could grow your very own Cera ‘stache.

Grow difficulty: the equivalent of opening a jar of pickles. 

3. "The Franco"

James Franco is a chameleon when it comes to his facial hair. If you have a perfectly symmetrical jawline and multiple personalities, then “The Franco” is your best bet for No Shave November.

Grow difficulty: not dropping salsa on yourself at a Mexican restaurant. 

4. "The Ron Burgundy"

This is stage one of “The Ron Burgundy,” so we’ll call it “The Baby Burgundy” for now. If you find yourself in this stage, then give this puppy a few more weeks until you wake up in a turtleneck and tweed jacket.

You stay classy, Auburn. 

Grow difficulty: avoiding people on the concourse. 

5. "The Avett Brother"

Ever wanted to raise a family of birds in your beard and no one find out? Men of Auburn, be wary. This beard might cause you to become less aerodynamic when riding your bike, but hey that’s what swim caps are for.

This is also a good look if you want to start a band like the Avett Brothers. Bonus points if you already know how to play the banjo and were a lumberjack in your past life. 

Grow difficulty: avoiding people on the concourse on O-Days. 

6. "The Tom Selleck"

Behold the Mecca of all mustaches, the cream of the crop, the colossus of clout (if you don’t get that reference, then go watch “The Sandlot”).

This mustache is so manly — How manly is it? — So manly that you could wear a tiara with it and still ooze testosterone. 

Have you ever seen a more beautiful mustache? Bask in its glory. I give you “The Tom Selleck.”

Grow difficulty: our Beard Board says don't be ashamed to use Rogaine. 

Men of Auburn, may the odds be ever in your favor this upcoming No Shave November. 

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