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Auburn University, like many big traditional universities in the US, has many traditions that are adopted by their students and revered. You probably know about some of the major traditions here at Auburn like rolling Toomer’s Trees, letting the Eagle fly before kick-off at football games and Tigerwalk to name a few but one tradition that goes pretty unknown until you attend the school is the Alpha Psi Rodeo. 

To give you some perspective my mother went to Auburn from 1979-1983 and went to the Alpha Psi Rodeo each year and began telling me about it when I received my acceptance letter.

The Alpha Psi Rodeo is a time for Auburn students to take a break out from their prep

arations for finals or graduation for a Saturday full of rodeo fun. There are cattle roping contests and bull riding but the rodeo gives Auburn students a chance to let their hair down and cut it into a mullet. 

Students are pressured to cut up their least favorite pair of jeans and make them into something disgusting called jorts. Shirts are generally of the NASCAR variety or John Deere.  You have to love a day when everyone looks forward to waking up early and sitting in traffic for hours sometimes to make it to a humongous field to consort with each other.

The Rodeo is one of those events that you don’t totally appreciate or understand how to prepare for until you’ve been through it a couple times. It is not a time to sleep in or feel sick. It is a day that you have your cooler packed the night before and you have a lunch packed, ready for the long day that is coming. 

There are few bonding experiences like the Alpha Psi Rodeo while being an Auburn student. No one cares what fraternity or sorority you’re in or what your major is. It is just one of those things that makes Auburn unique and amazing.

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