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Moving to a new country at a young age can similarly be related to jumping aboard a moving train. The transition must be done as smoothly as possible for any hope of blending in. Jackie Adamo, senior at Auburn University majoring in history, had to jump aboard America's moving train at just 10 years old.

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Originally from Burlington, Ontario, Adamo moved to Newton, Mass., a small suburb outside of Boston, where she finished her schooling before attending Auburn. Adamo, a first generation Auburn student, originally came to Auburn to study pre-vet and zoology, but later switched her major to history.

"Even when I switched my major, I stayed here because I loved it so much," Adamo said.

Adamo has had to experience a small culture shock from moving down south. She feels that a major difference from the North to the South is the emphasis on young marriage and family and the pressures of finding this in college.

"I don't have any friends up North who are even thinking about engagements or kids, they are focused on their educations and careers," Adamo said.

People in the North are known to be more outspoken, and at times, harsh. In the South, the Southern charm is suiting Adamo just fine.

"I love that down here people are so much nicer and more welcoming," Adamo said.

It is difficult for Adamo to choose her favorite thing about Auburn University.

"The people, the beautiful campus, the classes, the football," Adamo said. I can't choose I love everything about Auburn."

The coined phrase, the Auburn Family, holds a certain meaning to all Auburn fans, but for Adamo, her's is a little more unique.

"It means that when I am getting on a plane in Toronto wearing an Auburn hoodie, I hear a warm and enthusiastic 'War Eagle,'" Adamo said. "This leads to an immediate conversation about how much we love Auburn."

There are Auburn fans all around the world, Auburn University is just lucky to have Adamo representing our colors near and far.

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