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Mary-Katherine Dlugos

Auburn University freshman

Majoring in Political Science


We spot them aimlessly walking about the concourse with a planner turned to the campus map or scurrying up the stairs of Haley to get to class on time.  To a trained eye a freshman is easy to find.  They are typically nervous, confused and often lost.  One freshman stood out of the crowd looking confident and excited to be here.  Nineteen-year-old, Mary-Katherine Dlugos, walked through the student center as though she has been a student here for years. 


Dlugos is an out-of-state student from Hampton, VA, majoring in political science.  Not only was Dlugos outgoing and well spoken during her interview, but she is also very ambitious.  Dlugos hopes to one day be either a lobbyist for organizations such as The Boys and Girls Club or help represent high school students with the hopes of playing college athletics.  She intends to raise awareness and funds for after school activities and programs to keep kids out of trouble. 

1.) What helped you successfully apply and get accepted to Auburn University?

I always knew I wanted to attend Auburn University.  I was raised an Auburn fan and the deeply imbedded traditions have always been a big part of my life.  I had a great support system from my family who was always very encouraging as well as from my school.  My teachers and guidance counselors were always very helpful when it came to applying for different schools and scholarships.  My determination drove me to get good grades and get involved with various clubs, sports and activities which in turn helped get my acceptance. 

2.) What advice can you give to students living in the dorms and having to live with a roommate they don’t know?

I have actually had a great experience with my current roommate, and we have yet to run into any big controversies.  My advice would be to always clean up after yourself and set ground rules with your roomie to avoid confrontation.  Be friendly and bond over copious amounts of junk food and of course the discussion of the cute boys in class.  My roommate and I have very different schedules so we are able to spend time a part which is very important.  You don’t want to get tired of each other.

3.) How do you handle difficult classes and professors?

I hardly ever had to study in high school, so I really had to re-teach myself the importance of studying and making a schedule.  If I ever had an issue with something in class or there was something I did not understand, I simply stayed after class and asked the teacher.  Also, teachers love when you visit their office hours.  I think it lets them know you really are trying.  I also try to make at least one acquaintance in class so that we can study together or form a study group.

4.) What types of organizations do you plan to get involved with or would suggest to incoming freshman?

Out-of-state students should look into the Tiger-Out-of-State organization.  We all are in the same situation of not knowing many people and can relate to each other.  You should also do research on all that Auburn has to offer!  There is probably a club or organization for every type of interest you could have.  Next year I plan to get involved with the Tigerettes, the liaisons to the athletes.  I feel that even though I am not a part of a sports team any more, I can still stay in touch with the athletics’ programs through this organization.

5.) What is the single most important bit of advice you can give to incoming freshman?

Get involved!  Auburn has so much to offer and try to experience as much as you can.  Even if you don’t get into the organization you want, keep trying.  Don’t let failure be your crutch.  Also, just because it’s convenient does not mean you should eat it.  Try to keep it healthy or hit the gym often.  The freshman 15 is not flattering!


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