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Nutrition:: More Than Just Reading Labels

When someone thinks about a nutrition major, minds often turn to a visual picture of Tony Perkis from Heavyweights, monitoring the food you eat on a minute-by-minute basis. 
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But for Katie Miles, sophomore in nutrition, food is the best part of life and should be thoroughly enjoyed. 


Miles said she grew up with a love for cooking by helping her mom in the kitchen as she prepared meals. 


“Nutrition and food is something I have been passionate about all along,” said Miles. “After many years of helping my mom cook, I decided this is something I really love and want to pursue in college.”


Because majoring in nutrition is a broad concept, students in Auburn’s nutrition program, housed in the College of Human Sciences, can choose between a dietetics option or a nutrition science option. Miles decided to take the dietetics route because she wants to be a registered dietitian post-college. 


“I’m in a class that is an introduction to the dietetics section of nutrition and I have loved it so far,” said Miles. “We’ve had different speakers from the area come and explain to us aspects about the field of dietetics we wouldn’t normally think about.”


So far, speakers in the class have included the registered dietitian for the public schools in Auburn, the registered dietitian employed by Auburn University and the sports dietitian who deals with the athlete’s meal plans.


“It’s been a neat experience so far,” said Miles. “I love learning about the food I eat every day and how to prepare it in the best way possible from an educator’s point of view.”


Her love for turning ingredients into an entree doesn’t stop at her major. 


Miles is a member of Auburn University’s Cooking and Baking Club, a campus organization formed to give students a way to hone their culinary skills. 


“I heard about the club through a friend of a friend,” Miles said. “It’s a lot of fun. It gives us an excuse to make fun dishes and allows a distraction from the normal routine of school.”


The Auburn University Cooking and Baking Club features speakers from chefs around the area, cooking demonstrations by various restaurants and themed meetings such as a “common ingredient” night. 


“A few weeks ago we had common ingredient night, and the theme was making something using Pillsbury biscuit dough,” said Miles. “That was a really fun way to be creative and show personality through recipes.”


Although she indulges in recipes made using biscuit dough or sweets on occasion, Miles said her favorite food is the most cliche of them all.


“My favorite food to eat is fruit,” said Miles. “I really love fresh foods and how I don’t feel heavy even after I eat a ton of fruit.”

Being a member of the club and learning about the way food works as a nutrition major has given Miles a new perspective on cooking and baking. 


“I would really be careful about what you put in your food,” said Miles. “The closer it is to the ground, the better. Eating whole and raw foods is the best thing you can do for your body.” 


The Cooking and Baking Club is open to all majors and holds meetings on the third Monday of each month. For more information about the club, visit their Facebook page. 

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