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While most people enjoy their privacy, only a few people get to appreciate the privilege of having their own bedroom during their freshman year of college. Many colleges require students to live on campus their freshman year, but many of these students find a way to get out of it. Those who live in their own apartment or house may have the privilege of privacy and comfort, but they do not have the privilege of convenience.

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Britney Pugh, from Birmingham, Ala., is currently a freshman at Auburn University. Unlike most other freshman, Britney lives off campus. While the location does not matter, her house is not within walking distance to the university. This is a major inconvenience to Britney and it requires her to either ride the Tiger Transit or park on campus.

Finding a parking space on campus is like finding a needle in a hay stack. While some say that walking to class is a good form of exercise, many people find it too hot or cold to be outside. This is only one of many reasons why the campus parking lots are constantly filled.

“You usually have to catch the Tiger Transit 30 minutes early, which means I have to wake up earlier than I would if I lived on campus in the dorm,” said Britney. “If I lived in the dorm, I could wake up 10 minutes before class and walk.”

While there are many disadvantages to living off campus, there are also many reasons why people enjoy having their own place. Some of these reasons include having their own bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and washer and dryer.

Many times when students wash their clothes in the dorm laundry room, their t-shirts and shorts go missing. Students take this risk by leaving the laundry room while their clothes are washing; however, they find it inconvenient having to sit in the laundry room waiting for the clothes to finish washing and drying.

“One reason I like living off campus is that I can come and goes as I please. I don’t have a time limit of when the doors will be locked or a curfew,” said Britney. “It is also easy because I can just park outside. I don’t have to worry about walking to my car late at night.”

“It feels a lot more homey than it would if I were living in a dorm. I feel comfortable here,” Britney said. “I don’t feel like I’m living in a hotel room.”

Many freshmen, along with their parents, struggle with the decision of whether to live on or off campus. Parents like the low cost of dorm room living, but in many situations the students will come up with any reason to get their own apartment. Some love being in the dorm because it makes meeting other freshmen much easier, while others enjoy their privacy a bit more.

Either way, college is a new experience for these freshmen, and they learn a great amount about life during the first year of living on their own.

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