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The team has one week left: One week to go from good to great; one week to learn the offense, one week to reach the speed Coach Roof has set on defense, one week before ESPN U arrives on campus to show the world how Auburn football improved this spring. Everyone is talking about it, everyone wants to see it. On April 17, the boys are back.

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I can keep you up to speed on what the staff’s motto was this spring in three simple words. Good to great, to take a good football team, a good pace offense, a good line- up on defense and make it great.

If you walk into the Auburn Athletic Complex, these three words, good to great, can be found posted up everywhere. The team wears shirts; the words are displayed for them never to forget their time is now to go from good to great.

There is a new attitude on the team and I don’t think I can explain it. The guys have their confidence back, their coaches expectations for the spring have been surpassed and their ready to show the world they are ready.

We hope to see the entire Auburn Family come together this A-day to support a team who wants to make you proud this fall. From the outside looking in you can’t understand it, from the inside looking out you explain it. Auburn is home for us as students, and for them as players. No matter how far they go, they always come back home.

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