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A Metaphor for the College of Agriculture
As the young brown-eyed boy placed each domino piece with care, his hands began to tremble and sweat. Beads began to form on his forehead. He knew that with each piece took him one piece closer to his goal of finishing his masterpiece. He patiently and diligently finished, not only accomplishing his goal, but with a sense of pride.

The boy and the domino game, describes a metaphor of what a senior in high school may be facing. Students having to make decisions of where to go to college, and possibly move away from anything and everything they have ever known, will make them have feelings of anxiety and apprehension. With each day that draws closer to moving away to college, is a day closer to your time as a College of Agriculture ‘masterpiece’!

The COA is known for being a family away from home, a comforting reason to choose it as your collegiate home. From the small faculty-to-student ratio, more than 30 clubs and organizations to be involved with and a friendly atmosphere of where “everybody knows your name,” the COA has a place for you. In addition, it is a supportive campus environment that promotes a high level of challenge, active and collaborative learning with enriching educational experiences.

At the end of your time at Auburn you will have completed your ‘masterpiece’ and be equipped with skills for your future career. If being a key piece in the future of American agriculture appeals to you, then let’s take a look at the COAs 24 career options and hear from students that are currently pursuing their own ‘masterpiece’ from the COA.

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“I knew it was a little bit smaller class sizes and more of a personal experience, so I decided that would be a better option for me,” said Kim Cline, animal science graduate and master’s student in ruminant nutrition. “Later on in my undergrad experience, I decided to go to graduate school in ruminant nutrition, because of my hands-on research experience I had as an undergrad. Those experiences allowed me to receive a fellowship for graduate school.”

The animal science department currently has more than 350 students enrolled and is the largest major within COA. Another unique major offered is agriculture business and economics.

“Agriculture is close to my roots,” said Hunter Brown, senior, double majoring in agriculture business and economics and forestry. “Having classes like Farm Appraisal and Farm Management allowed me to see first-hand how rural land is valued and the key factors that go into making the actual appraisal of land, using basic accounting principles.”

The COA continues to be unique because it offers six minors to compliment a four-year degree and make your masterpiece even more elite. From choosing a minor in horticulture to agricultural leadership studies, there are opportunities to broaden your horizons and career options by adding a minor.

“Leadership is an important aspect employer’s look at when hiring,” said Jeb Sexton, a junior in animal science with a minor in agriculture leadership. “Taking these skills you learn in this minor will help you in any field you go into, especially if you want to be recognized as a good leader.”

Not only is the COA known for the well-respected and knowledgeable faculty in all departments, it holds international esteem and prestige within the fisheries and allied aquaculture department.

“Auburn has one of the best warm-water fisheries programs in the world, and that is why I chose to come to the College of Agriculture,” said Daniel Foree, senior in fisheries and allied aquaculture. “Having research stations in Auburn and Dolphin Island provides students with exceptional and real-world research experience.”

As you begin on the journey of a lifetime, consider the COA to provide you with the skills, technology and resources to make your ‘masterpiece’ perfect for you to leave your unique and individual legacy for the future of American agriculture.

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