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Auburn Orange is becoming the college color to wear. This year, Auburn University welcomed its largest freshman class to date and the numbers are expected to grow. We might be a little biased, but here are seven reasons we think Auburn Orange is the new black.

1. The Magic Words - "War Eagle"

The phrase, not unlike top-secret passwords used when you were a kid, is known around the world. Uttering those words to fellow Tigers unlocks some pretty cool stuff. Examples, you ask? Smiles, proposals from Aubie, and new best friends like Tim Cook, Apple CEO and AU graduate.

But really, Auburn men and women make up a huge network that spans across the globe. Almost everywhere, you can find someone to join you in a "War Eagle".

2. Every Organization Needs a Catch Phrase

Ours just happens to be nine sentences long. Since 1945, the Auburn Creed has illustrated the character of Auburn men and women. The values George Petrie described in the creed are still relevant today; people that exhibit these characteristics are often respected and successful members of society. 

3. Endorphins

Have you seen the new AU Rec Center? Because U.S. News & World Report sure has. This center is one of the first installments in Auburn's recent efforts to promote health on its campus. Also, Elle Woods told us, "Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy."

So there you have it, folks: Auburn people exercise, therefore they are happy; therefore, they don't shoot their husbands! They just don't.

4. Well, there's Cam

The number-one-pick threw for over 4,500 yards in his first NFL year with the Panthers. What can we say? We taught him well. Also, he was on the cover of GQ, so that's minorly cool.

5. Looks Are Important

The campus is absolutely beautiful. All the time. And while the Christmas lights around campus don't quite cancel negative feelings about finals week, it comes pretty close.

6. Research That May (Or May Not) Break the Universe

Okay, it probably won't. But being a land grand institution, a central part of Auburn's mission is research and outreach - sharing that knowledge with the world. Everyone from undergraduates to faculty has an opportunity to be involved in research that may ultimately affect many people.

7. We Have Aubie

No other tiger could capture so many hearts, make so many college men squeal like little so many mascot championships. But is it really a wonder why?

It's Family!

If we made a list of every reason that Auburn is awesome, it could probably circle Jordan-Hare Stadium a few times. The underlying connection, though, is the Family! Auburn is largely made up of people who care - care about being their best selves, care about their neighbors, and care about their contribution to the world. What's more fabulous than that?

Join the Auburn Family! Enroll at Auburn.

Please visit the Future Students page. Also, consider visiting Auburn for a Tour. We want you to join the Auburn Family … so Apply Now.

This is Auburn

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