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If you are ever walking around Auburn’s campus on a Wednesday, you may notice something different. The concourse seems to be alive with different organizations sharing what they are about. Auburn students know this as O-Days, or Organization Days.

Jordan Kirkland, assistant director of Student Involvement Ambassadors, explains the purpose of O-days by saying, “it’s basically a few hours in the middle of the day where organizations can come out to promote their existence and recruit new members.”  Each organization has their own ways of attracting students by handing out candy, fliers, scantrons, and more.

In the past, O-days had only been held once at the beginning of each semester. This year; however, it is now held once a week. Every Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., you will find the concourse full of organizations promoting their events and membership opportunities.

“The involvement ambassadors have reassessed O-Days, and we want students to look at getting involved more than just during the first week of school,” said Kirkland. “We don’t want students to think that if miss O-days the first week of school then you can’t get involved, because that is certainly not true.”

Having O-Days once a week allows students to have more opportunities to find the organizations they want to be involved in. It also gives the organizations a chance to have more time to promote their membership.

“We have a ton of prevalent organizations on campus, but we have even more small ones that are trying to recruit members, so this helps those organizations have more opportunity to promote their membership and events,” Kirkland said.

Weekly O-Days is helping organizations get more publicity while giving students the opportunity to get involved through different points during the year, rather than just during the first week of school.

“We are really excited about the change, and we have already had great responses from students and organizations,” Kirkland said.

To be a part of O-Days, organization presidents can access the request form through Auinvole, or they can contact a Student Involvement Ambassador for more information.

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