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Organization Spotlight: Art of Living Yoga Club

A Brief History of Yoga 

Even though yoga's early beginnings are still fairly unknown, Georg Feurstein states that it originated in India about 5,000 years ago. According to Ashtanga Yoga, its origins are found in the Vedic period, approximately 5000 BCE, and specifically in the Rig Veda - the oldest written book in the world. Vedic Yoga, Preclassical Yoga, Classical Yoga and Postclassical Yoga are the four broad categories deeply rooted in the history of yoga.  

The word “yoga” is a Sanskrit term that possesses many meanings. The word itself is derived from the Sanskrit root yuj, meaning "to yoke or harness." 

Kabita Puri, a blogger for, explains that in the Modern Period - also known as Postclassical Yoga - we are seeing a resurrection of yoga that is not limited to India. Yoga is now widely practiced in Western countries also. Majority of the credit for this propagation goes to Swami Vivekananda, the man who brought Yoga and Vedanta to Western civilizations.

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Art of Living Yoga Club Overview

The Art of Living Yoga Club, an organization at Auburn University, strives to inspire Auburn students to live a fit, stress-free and healthy life. Originating in 2010, the club currently has more than 100 followers on AUInvolve and 15-20 regular attendees. The President of the Art of Living Yoga Club, Shubbhi Taneja, has held her position for two years now. 

Weekly meetings are held Wednesdays in the Student Center from 5-6 p.m. Outside of regular meetings the club will occasionally meet at the Davis Arboretum on the weekends in order to practice yoga outdoors. 

Very basic and general forms of yoga are practiced at meetings. "Our teachers have learnt different types of Yoga in the Land of Yoga, India," said Taneja. 

(Photo courtesy of Shubbhi Taneja)

An important aspect of the club is its philanthropic-based values honored by members in order to benefit others without involving any money. Therefore, no fees or conditions are required to become a member. Also, prior yoga experience is unnecessary to gain membership.  "Just come to any session you like. Everyone is welcome anytime," said Taneja. 

In terms of aspirations for the club, Taneja stated, "Not many students know about our club and free yoga offered. I wish to spread this message to everyone."  

(Photo courtesy of Caroline Millar)

If you are interested in getting involved with Auburn University's Art of Living Yoga Club you can visit its Facebook page or check-out its page on AUInvolve.


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