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Overcoming Auburn’s Adversity to Diversity

Asna Fidai is currently a junior at Auburn University. Her major is Health Services Administration and she is pursuing a minor in General Business. Fidai has always loved being involve with student organizations oncampus and since her freshman year she has been involved. (see right, Source: Asna Fidai)

Fidai has been involved with Freshman Leadership Program (FLP) and High School Leadership Program. When she was involved with FLP, Fidai was an Assistant Director for Philanthropy and Leadership. Currently, she is involved with Auburn University Dance Marathon (AUDM) and Organizations Board. Fidai is the Chair of Organizations Board and serves as a Morale Captain for AUDM.

“I have always loved being involved and from the age I could start applying, I have done summer camps every summer and that has helped me become the leader that I am and it gave me the kick-start and confidence to bring my passion and skills to Auburn’s campus and find a way to improve on those skills as well as learn from others,” Fidai responded when asked if she had always been involved.

Fidai was worried about having to face difficulties with people at Auburn because of the fact that she would be a minority and because she did not know many people. “The moment freshman year started, I never felt out of place or felt like I faced any adversity because of my diversity,” said Fidai. She believes if you apply yourself on Auburn’s campus and if your passion shines through, there will not be any adversity to overcome.

FLP was a way to get to know more people on campus and make friends, this was Fidai’s reasoning behind first joining and through that she felt inspired to pass on the traits of an Auburn woman. She wanted to allow incoming freshmen to brainstorm ideas and create open communication while they become a part of something bigger than themselves and help them find their place on Auburn’s campus. (see left, Source: Asna Fidai)

“I have enjoyed being on Organizations Board so much because of the opportunity to interact with so many of the 500 plus organizations on Auburn’s Campus,” Fidai expressed. She explains that through Organizations Board she has had the opportunity to see other students’ passions come through as they create new organizations or request funding for events for their established organization. Fidai expresses, “I was passionate about this because I always wanted to enhance and emphasize the diversity on Auburn’s campus, not just within the realm of race, religion, and gender, but also of the diversity of thoughts, opinions, and passions.”

Fidai shared some tips for incoming freshmen. She encourages freshmen to take a deep breath and move past the nervousness of applying to an organization even if you think it is out of your reach because you will never know unless you try. Another tip she shares is to talk to the tables on the concourse for O-Days and O-Week.

AU Involve is a great resource to find an organization that will make you happy to join and that you could see yourself growing with. “Apply and join an organization because you want to and you are passionate about it, not because that is what your friends are or are not doing,” Fidai said. She expressed that rejection from an organization is not the end of the world, keep putting yourself out there because your passion will shine through and if you give up then you will not find your place on Auburn’s campus.

“There are so many opportunities to find your place on Auburn’s campus, don’t miss out on it because it will make you a better leader, a better person, and you’ll get to meet so many like-minded yet different people than you,” Fidai expressed. When you have free time, Fidai recommends looking through AU Involve to look into organizations because it will have the contact information, meeting times, what the organization is about and if there is an application to join. (see right, Source: Asna Fidai)

If you realize that an organization is not for you after joining, that is okay. Fidai expressed to just test out another one or even create your own. She says if she loves something and wants to accomplish a goal, Fidai has already mentally prepared herself for some struggles and difficulties because overcoming those obstacles will only make reaching the goal even more fulfilling. Fidai leaves us with this quote that she uses to motivate herself, “We can only be thankful to all the mistakes that we made and to all the lessons that we learned from them.”


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