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Owning a Dog in College: Good Idea or Not?

College brings new responsibilities, challenges and experiences to students, and many decide to get a pet, in most cases a dog, adding a huge responsibility to the list. So is getting a dog in college a good idea or not?
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Katie Eubank, a senior, got a dog a little over a year ago. "I have always wanted a dog, and I decided I was at a good place in my life to get one," Eubank said.

Eubank did anticipate the fact that owning a dog wasn't going to be the easiest thing in the world. "It has and hasn't been hard owning a dog," Eubank said. "I hate leaving her when I have to go to class or out, but I knew going into this that it was going to be time consuming and challenging."

Many students get a dog on a whim without thinking through the process. Dogs cost money: food, vet visits, boarding if needed, etc. Students also need to think about the time and care that goes into owning a dog. He or she must be trained, taken out, exercised and so on.

"Anyone who is thinking about getting a dog needs to be prepared for the responsibility," Eubank said. "A dog is like a child and needs constant attention."

Troy Braswell, a recent graduate of Auburn University, believes owning a dog in college is not the best decision. "You have to make a lot sacrifices when you own a dog, and sometimes you can't go and do all the things you want to do," Braswell said.

Dogs are not like goldfish, they live for years. Any student considering getting a dog needs to understand that they won't only have him throughout college, but for years after. 

Even though Braswell has graduated and eventually wants to own a dog, he still plans to wait. "I don't know where my job is going to take me in the next few years, and having to travel around with a dog would be difficult," Braswell said.

Owning a dog isn't necessarily a good or bad idea, it depends on the person and if he or she is ready for the challenge.

"If you are going to get a dog be prepared to not go out as much, spend money on the dog as opposed to other activities and have energy to play a lot," Eubank said. "But it is probably the best decision I have made, there are ups and downs to owning a dog in college but totally worth it if you're ready."

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