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Miraculous Maze is the blog of Paige (Robinson) Bierman '12. Her major was public relations.  Paige married Josh Bierman '12 just five days after they both graduated from Auburn in May.


"I am originally from Alexander City, Ala. so Auburn had always been that college right down the road," said Bierman. "When it came time for me to choose a college, Auburn just felt right. I wish I had some insane story or defining moment, but honestly I just always knew Auburn was the place for me."



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"The first thing I got involved in was a sorority. However, I also ended up doing some things in SGA and being President of Mortar Board Honor Society," said Bierman.  "The most worthwhile thing I did at Auburn was being a Project Uplift volunteer. My little brother (Tytravious, see photo below) and I still are very close. He was even an usher in my wedding!"


Paige and Tytravious at his first
Auburn football Tiger Walk.

When asked what her blog is all about, Bierman had to chuckle.  "That's a funny question because Miraculous Maze is about a little bit of everything (hints the name: maze). I began blogging while I was engaged because there were so many interesting things going on: fusing my life to another's, graduating, job searching, etc. This was a great way to share my thoughts, funny stories, and faith with anyone who wanted to listen," said Bierman.


"Life dictates what I write about. One of the main goals of Miraculous Maze was to share life with my readers so I am very open about everything going on with my husband and me," said Bierman.  "Sometimes I blog about what I am learning; other times I tell funny conversations that my husband and I have. It changes constantly."


"It is so fun to reminisce on what has happened in our lives. Of course, I love running into people who tell me they love Miraculous Maze, but the intrinsic value of composing and publishing posts far outweighs any "fame" or "glory" that comes from blogging," said Bierman.


Visit Miraculous Maze and follow Paige and Josh on their journey.


Paige and her wedding party.


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