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Paranormal Activity Around Auburn? Find out & listen throughout my podcast series!

Hello & Welcome to Podcasting the Paranormal. My name is Carrie Williams. Throughout this podcast series, I will be your host and friendly neighborhood ghostbuster.

Before I jump into the discussion about episode 1, I’d like to briefly introduce myself and my interest in creating this podcast. My name is Carrie, I am a senior at Auburn University majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Political Science. I’ve always been intrigued by ghost stories and the paranormal. Whether paranormal activity exists or not, I believe there must be something more after life. You hear about haunted houses and people witnessing ghosts in random locations, well if these accounts are true, then there must be a logical explanation that after-life paranormal activity exists.

As a journalist interested in uncovering the paranormal, I decided to take my interest a step further. Last Halloween, I contacted the Alabama Paranormal Research Team in hopes of covering a news story on haunted locations in the Auburn area. Although My initial purpose in covering this story was for entertainment value, after one weekend spent working on a case-study with the APRT, my entire perspective changed. I gained an entirely new outlook and respect for paranormal research, and decided to broaden my scope of interests throughout the Chattahoochee Valley area to explore haunted legends.

In this episode, I will introduce you to the group of ghost chasers who will take us through haunted locations and provide in-depth, professional case studies. To give you some background on the team, The APRT is a non-profit research group based out of South-East Alabama. Their research is composed mainly of paranormal hot spots around the state and of the history behind an area known to have paranormal activity. The APRT has experiences investigating homes, establishments and locations throughout the state of Alabama.

The first member of the team is the founder and director of the Alabama Paranormal Research Team, Faith Serafin. The others key figures to the team are Michelle Smith, researcher and investigator; Michael Donaldson, the team’s technical operator; and John Marc Poe, historian.”

To find out more about the members of The Alabama Paranormal Research Team, listen to episode 1 of “Podcasting the Paranormal,” and be sure to stay tuned for episode 2 where myself and the APRT will take you inside the haunted legend of Spring Villa Mansion.

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