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Being a student at Auburn can always have its pros and cons, mostly pros.  One con was learned by Junior, Jordan Smith this week.

“Never underestimate the power of AU Parking Services,” Smith said.   

Smith, like many other students, was at loss on where to park. Not a parking spot was in sight, when she saw someone walk to their car and get in so she just pulled in this now open spot. It was on the end of a row and only had one parking line, but she thought she would be ok.

While going in the Student Activities Center, working out, Smith never once thought that her car would not be there when she returned.

When she left the SAC she walked up the hill to realize that her car was no longer there. “It really was in question whether it had been stolen or had it been towed,” Smith said. No note, no sign, no phone call, no information and no car.

Smith called parking services and yes they had her car. Once getting the parking services site she was told where her car was, across campus, and that she would need to go get her purse out of her car, come back and pay $85 then she could go back and get her car out of the impound lot.

Once she filled out her paperwork and paid her $85 dollars she could now have her car back in her possession and be free from that. Except when she gets to the impound lot the guard treats her like she is a prisoner. She signs for her car and then he follows her halfway to her car then he returns to the gate to open it as she exits.

After leaving she sees a small piece of paper on her windshield, not knowing what it is she picks it up and it’s a ticket. A $50 dollar ticket to paid top of the $85 she already paid.

Smith says "Never underestimate the power of the Parking Services. If there isn’t a line on both sides of your car do not park there, even if it is just for 30 minutes."

You may not enjoy it all the time, but things like this make you realize how helpful Tiger Transit can be. 

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