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Part-Time Jobs Don't Have To Be Boring

College is a time that is filled with making new friends, spending hours in class and on homework, and using the weekends to relax before having to do the crazy schedules all over again each week. But for some students, there is an extra layer of responsibility added to their already busy schedules. This layer is known as a part-time job.

Typically, most people think part-time jobs throughout a college town are localized to only working in restaurants, fast food joints, or working as in-store associates at a retail store.  What most people don’t realize is there are lots of part-time jobs in college, especially at Auburn University, that allow you to develop skills that pertain to your major.

When I was looking for a part-time job last fall, I had two main goals: 

  • find a job that worked around my class schedule and 
  • find a job that I could put on my résumé. 

I looked through the typical job search websites and didn’t find anything that related to being a public relations major. So I turned to looking at jobs through Auburn. I checked out the College of Liberal Arts page on the Auburn

So I turned to looking at jobs through Auburn. I checked out the College of Liberal Arts page on the Auburn website and found their list of internships. To my surprise, there were a good amount of local businesses that were looking to hire an intern to help them with their public relations or communication tasks.

What most students don’t realize is many of the professors within the college have connections with companies all over the country, and they are more than willing to help students get connected with employers. 

Photo Credit: Gretchen Glaze

I found a part-time job working as a web editor for a clothing boutique in downtown Auburn. As part of my job, I write the descriptions for all their products online as well as manage their communications between the store and their customers. This means I get to design tons of cool graphics that are used in the store emails and on the boutique’s social media accounts. Also as a part of my job, I get the creative freedom to write lifestyle blog posts through out the month. These posts range from showcasing new product to lifestyle blogs focusing on seasonal decorating. There is so much creative freedom in a job like this; it makes for one happy PR major!           

Here at Auburn, we are one big family. The Auburn Family to be exact. Local businesses love hiring students because it gives them an opportunity to help student’s build their resume, as well as make the local workforce stronger. When looking for a part time job, start by looking through Auburn University.

The university has so many resources to help students find jobs both on and off campus. Tiger Recruiting Link has many local opportunities students can look into, and it helps students find jobs based on their skill sets. In order to use Tiger Recruiting Link you have to be enrolled as a student.  Photo Credit: Gretchen Glaze

Once you upload your resume it will help filter jobs so you can find one that fits your skill set. If you are a currently enrolled as an Auburn student, check out the Tiger Recruiting website and see what job opportunities there are for you.

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