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Calling all women. If you’re a new or current college student looking for an organization that will help you reach your full potential while benefiting the generations to come, then Women’s Philanthropy Board may be for you.

The WPB was first organized on Auburn’s campus in spring 2002, but it’s quickly made a name for itself in the community. Their vision is “to promote women’s philanthropy as a means of enabling the College of Human Sciences at Auburn University to enhance human well-being and improve the quality of life worldwide.”

Philanthropy is defined as “the voluntary sharing of one’s personal and financial resources to enhance human well-being and bring about positive social change. Philanthropy is giving for a quality of life.”

Women through the generations past and present have naturally been philanthropic, but the WPB seeks to equip women in Auburn with the knowledge and confidence to better do that. The group’s members are women that play vital roles in shaping the community and world in a way that benefits all and betters it for generations to come.

The group holds many events through out the year. Seminars and luncheons host a variety of notable speakers such a the current Lt.Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey, first lady Patsy Riley, Auburn University women’s basketball coach, Neil Fortner, and the founder of Chick-Fila, Truett Cathy.
They also hold events to raise money such as 5k runs and galas.

The Women’s Philanthropy Board may seem to some to be too sophisticated and mature for the average college student, but that is not the case. Women’s Philanthropy Board connects young women with mature philanthropic women in the organization that will serve as mentors. Your mentor will guide, direct and encourage you to reach your philanthropic goal, whatever that may be. This program is a great way to enhance your knowledge of the world outside of college and to prepare you with information that will help you with your financial future.

The Women’s Philanthropy Board is a scholarship program, philanthropic organization and a mentor system. Looking for a way to spend your time giving back and learning from older women? Women’s Philanthropy Board is the place for you.

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