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Ryan Forbus is a junior majoring in history at Auburn University.  Upon arrival at Auburn, Forbus was unsure of exactly what major was for him.  After speaking with several advisers and consulting family, he chose to pursue a degree in history with a minor concentration on political science. 


History is something that is prevalent to Auburn, both in the university and in the community surrounding the university.  In no way is that history more celebrated than by the class taught to all incoming freshmen, The Auburn Experience.  "Honestly, before that class I had no idea what I wanted to major in," Forbus recalls.  "That class was instrumental in deciding what I wanted to learn because I was so interested in all the historical aspects taught."  Even though this class is not intended to help students decide what to study, future students should be aware that it can be helpful in the long run.


At first, Forbus was content to be studying only history.  However, to fulfill his goal of attending law school, he determined that it would give him a definite leg up if he were to minor in political science.  This bit of research was crucial in planning his next step after graduating from Auburn, and Forbus believes that without being proactive and researching on his own that he would have been a bit lost when taking his LSAT.  


Being a political science student has been an overall enjoyable and interesting experience, allowing Forbus to take many classes that he says will help him in law school.  He also says that many of the classes overlap and he finds himself studying the same material for two seemingly unrelated classes.  "If nothing else, taking political science classes shapes your overall world view, which I feel is a valuable asset to attain in college," Forbus says.


As with all Auburn students who aspire to be lawyers, Forbus will have to move away from The Plains to attend law school, something that is not offered at the university.  "It will be very sad to leave here where I have made so many memories, but I am hopeful to go somewhere close by so I can attend football games in the Fall," says Forbus. 


Dreams and aspirations aside, Forbus says he "absolutely" made the right choice in choosing history and political science.  His advice to incoming freshmen on how to choose your major: "Choose something that you will enjoy learning about in depth, and take your time in making a decision."


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