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Student organizations, non-profit societies and small businesses occasionally need help with fundraising, gathering awareness and making lasting impressions. Improved public relations is the answer to these problems and more.

The Public Relations Society of America defines Public Relations as “a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Auburn University’s Public Relations Student Society of America and Public Relations Council of Alabama chapter is offering its second annual PR For Dummies workshop. It is a crash course in all things PR and is chock full of invaluable information.

 Public relations has become a necessity to businesses, clubs, organizations and entrepreneurs. Each day brings advances and improvements in technology, social media and strategic practices. There is always new information to learn.

Public relations can be the difference between a successful organization and a failure.  Unfortunately, some leaders do not have a solid understanding of how PR can help their organizations.

PR For Dummies is designed to help students, faculty and community members understand the ins and outs of public relations. It will be held in the AU Student Center from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Monday, Oct. 22.  Tickets are $10 and include admission to the workshops and lunch.

PR For Dummies will include four workshops: media relations, social media, fundraising and event planning. Each seminar will be lead by PRSSA members who have experience and extensive knowledge in and about the field, or both. The workshops will be divided into 20-minute sections.

Auburn’s PRSSA/PRCA President, Carolyn Rush, said, “When I say come one, come all, I mean it!” Rush is expecting a crowd and is hoping for lots of community involvement this year. The event “is so rich in current information that we want to help share it with the people in the community,” Rush said.

“This is our second year doing PR For Dummies and we originally started it because public relations is something every organization can use, and most likely needs,” Rush said. Her objective is to explain to everyone that public relations is not just advertising or marketing, but so much more.

 “Whether it be writing press releases to the media, planning an event, running a social media campaign or trying to fundraise, there is much to learn,” Rush said. “We have put so much time and effort into this content, and we have a great event planned!

Public relations is useful to more than just PR majors. “If companies do not already have their own PR staff member, it is something they need to do themselves,” Rush said. “It’s is not easy, especially if you do not know how much [work goes] into [PR].”

PR For Dummies will demonstrate the fun and easy way to build buzz about your club, society or event. This event promises something for everyone. “Even members of our own organization can learn from these workshops,” Rush said. 

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