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Writing is an essential tool to have.  Whether a student is majoring in education, business, math or

engineering, the ability to write correctly is a skill that everyone should learn well because writing is

important in every industry. Auburn University and the Miller Writing Center have started an initiative

to implement writing on a university level.


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“We want to integrate writing into all the courses and colleges on campus,” said Alyssa Pratt, a graduate

assistant employed be the Auburn University Writing Center. “It is so important for our students to be

able to communicate effectively when they graduate and writing is definitely a part of that.”


In 2008, the Writing Initiative Task Force or WITF proposed a writing program that focused on fostering

changes in Auburn’s learning culture, according to the program’s mission statement.


The WITF is comprised on faculty representatives from each college, the Head of the Department of

English, a representative from the Faculty Senate and a Student Government Association representative.

Their goal is to see that all students at Auburn University have adequate writing experience, which they

hope will help prepare students for the world outside of college.


“It is out hope with this initiative is that students will gain the practice and experience they need to

compete in the competitive job market,” explained Pratt. “ We want to give students as much practice in

writing as they need before they enter the work force because writing is so important in any industry.”


Currently, it is up to each department how they implement writing in the classroom, but the WITF is there

to help should anybody need it.


“We realized that writing isn’t going to be everybody’s strong suit,” said Pratt. “Like anything, writing

takes practice. It’s a process that develops each time you do an assignment. If you feel you need help,

take advantage of the resources Auburn has by coming to the writing center.”


The Miller Writing Center has multiple locations on campus including the Learning Commons located on the

second floor of RBD Library and in Haley Center in room 3408. Appointments can be made for a tutoring

session if desired.


Think about how much the average person writes. You write e-mails, letters and chances are you are

probably going to have to write and correspond with people through writing in your future career. Auburn

is helping students get the experience and practice needed now.


For more information on the Auburn Writing Initiative or on the Miller Writing Center, please visit

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