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According to in 2017, 81 percent of US citizens have a social media profile and there are 1.96 billion social media users worldwide. In an age driven by social media networking, marketing and cyber connecting, social media platforms such as Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook have tremendous professional perks.

As a senior majoring in public relations and having had the opportunity of gaining hands on experience in the fast paced world of marketing, public relations and social media through various internships, I have seen how crucial the integration of social media into professional fields is. According to Hubspot, in 2014 (nearly four years ago), 92 percent of marketers claimed that social media marketing was crucial for their business.

1. Twitter

I am currently taking a Social Media and Public Relations course at Auburn University where one of our week-to-week assignments is to remain in the loop and in the conversation about social media and public relations by engaging on Twitter. According to statistics, there are 100 million daily users on Twitter and 80 percent of users are mobile users.

Having a platform that creates a basis for that much instant communication is crucial in the professional world. If you are in the field of public relations, marketing or social media by engaging and being a part of the communication it will help you stand out in the professional world by connecting you with peers, potential employers, or other businesses.

2. LinkedIn

As the largest professional social platform, LinkedIn is the ultimate channel for connecting with future employers or other people in your professional field. According to the platform, LinkedIn has over 332 million followers.

One of the most important uses of LinkedIn is to scout out job openings, network and establish connections that can help you navigate the professional world. Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile with previous experience, skills, and other information listed can help give you another opportunity to socially connect with people that you may not have otherwise been able to come into contact with.

3. Facebook

Facebook originally began solely as a social networking site for educational purposes in 2004. Since then, the social networking platform has taken off and become one of the most powerful platforms for social marketing, social community groups and business pages.

As all of the other previous platforms mentioned do, Facebook creates an opportunity to engage with a community that transcends location, connecting users on a global scale. Engaging with other Facebook users and joining Facebook groups is a great way to stay connected with businesses and brands through a social platform.

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