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Professors Do Know What They Are Talking About

As a student here at Auburn I would like to take the opportunity to remind you, “Listen to your professors.”

Upon first becoming a student here at Auburn I thought that most of my professors would just tell me things, just to be saying them.  The further I get into my major, the more I see how right they are.

One of the first classes I took was taught by, Ric Smith, the internship leader. We had a heart to heart class meeting one day, where we all thought we were in trouble for something. We weren’t he just took the time to tell us as students and friends that where we went in life and where we got a job was going to depend on who we were.

I was later told the same things by Robert French. They both told us that networking was the key to the Public Relations field. You may have that 4.0 GPA or you may be the president of your sorority, but do you know other public relations people or the others in your field?

When I first heard this I thought, you have got to be kidding, I have to have a 4.0 or a decent GPA if I am ever going to find a job. If I don’t, I will never find a job or internships or anything.  

Little did I know, these professors were right. As I have begun looking at Internships and possible job opportunities no where have I seen anyone ask for a GPA.  This isn’t to say that your GPA doesn’t matter because yes it does, but it may not be the number one issue.

Another thing that they have stressed that may be an issue to some is social networking.  Not only should we be concerned with how others view us on our social networking sites, but we should be aware that professionals and future employers will see this. So remember if you would want your boss to see it, then the world doesn’t need to see it either.

Not only are the professors giving me such helpful information, but they are having former Auburn University students come and talk to the class.

Each former student that has talk with us, has told us the same information and they see the importance of networking and are willing to help these current Auburn students, so that when we are ready to get out there in the job world we will have the connections they have that helped then obtain a job.

My purpose in writing this to current and incoming students is to remind you to make those professional friends and take advantage of today’s social networking options that may help with this and listen to your professors, they know what they are talking about.

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