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500 Student Organizations are Providing Opportunities

The students of Auburn University are given countless opportunities both inside and outside of the classroom. With 500 on-campus organizations to be involved in, there is no shortage of opportunities for students.

"Auburn has provided me with the opportunity to grow as a leader," said Kevin Lazarus, a senior double majoring in psychology and Spanish.

Lazarus is one of the many students learning and growing through the opportunities presented through the university.

"I saw myself as a person who worked well behind the scenes and much more of a follower than a leader," said Lazarus. "Through various opportunities both on and off campus, I have realized I have the abilities to lead others and serve my campus and community better through those positions of leadership." (Photo: Used with permission)

Lazarus saw the potential and became involved in a number of organizations both on and off campus. Currently he serves as Discipleship Chair at the Auburn Wesley Foundation, the Director of Films for the University Program Council, the president of the College of Liberal Arts Student Eminent Society, and as a Camp War Eagle Parent Counselor.

The organizations on Auburn's campus provide students with real leadership experience. They work to enhance the student's natural leadership abilities and prepare them for life after college.

"Through these experiences, I have gained countless valuable skills for my future," said Lazarus. "Overall, I would say the most important thing I have gained is confidence."

Lazarus plans to go to seminary after college to pursue a career in college ministry. Even though his degree will be in psychology and Spanish, he believes the experiences he has had at Auburn will be helpful no matter his career.

"While some of the experiences I've had, like event planning and orientation leading, might not be directly applicable to this career path, I gained a great deal of confidence in my abilities as a leader, which will most definitely serve my in my career as well as my personal life," said Lazarus.

Similar to Lazarus, Elizabeth Knizley, a senior in agricultural communications, has taken advantage of numerous opportunities during her time at Auburn.

Knizley has participated in the Freshman Leadership Program, the University Program Council, the Committee of 19, the High School Leadership Conference, leadership at the Auburn Wesley Foundation, Ag Ambassador, the One Campaign, and many other positions within those organizations.

"Auburn has given me absolutely incredible opportunities to grow professionally and better equip me for how I can go forward with my career," said Knizley.

Knizley plans to use her agricultural communications degree to work in hunger resolution after college. The classes she has taken accompanied with her organizational involvement have prepared her for the future.

"I have been able to take many practical, applicable classes at Auburn that have afforded me confidence and expertise in the realm of blending agriculture and communications," said Knizley. "My involvement opportunities have enriched that even deeper." (Photo: Used with permission)

No matter the career, job, or dream, Auburn presents its students with practical opportunities that foster personal and educational growth and development.

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