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PRSSA/PRCA'S Pups and Pops Successfully Breeds Puppy Love

On a bright and sunny Monday, popsicle-licking students and student-licking puppies filled the Student Center green space.

Monday, September 24, Auburn's PRSSA/PRCA hosted its first fundraiser of the year- Pups and Pops.

At Pups and Pops, students could "rent" puppies for play time and buy homemade popsicles.

"I walked by, saw puppies, and couldn't resist," said Joey Abate, one of many participants.

To bring Pups and Pops to life, PRSSA/PRCA partnered with For Paws Rescue and the Overall Company.

For Paws Rescue, a local pet rescue and adoption organization, brought several dogs for students to meet, pet, and walk. The Overall Company, a new restaurant and bar in downtown Opelika, provided its flavorful homemade popsicles for sale.

"Our advisor, professor Jessie King, has a personal connection with For Paws Rescue and has fostered countless dogs. The Overall Company has been a great personal friend to us and has spoken at our meetings," said PRSSA/PRCA president Carolyn Rush.

At Pups and Pops, $5 earned you a delicious frozen pop and 15 minutes with the pup of your choice. For only $3, you could have one or the other.

Treasurer of PRSSA/PRCA Kelly Bodell also accommodated participants without cash. She had a card swiper on her iPhone.

For playing with the pups, PRSSA/PRCA provided toys, leashes, and treats.

Sarah Crouch heard about Pups and Pops through her sorority. She has dogs and misses them, so she enjoyed the opportunity to play with the dogs.

"People love puppies," said Elizabeth Griffith, a PRSSA/PRCA member, as she savored a watermelon lime popsicle. She thought Pups and Pops was a creative way to raise awareness for stray animals and to encourage people to visit Overall Company.

All in all, Pups and Pops benefitted a growing student organization, two local businesses, and numerous animals.

Through this event, PRSSA/PRCA surpassed its original goals and raised more than $1,000. The organization paid Overall Company a flat rate for the popsicles and and sold all 250 of them. It also raised $200 in donations for For Paws including food, toys, and treats.

Perhaps most importantly, three puppies found new homes thanks to Pups and Pops.

Eagle Eye TV reporter Teresa visited Pups and Pops to capture footage and left with a new companion. Two other students made the decision to adopt that day as well.

Rush was blown away by the huge success of Pups and Pops. She gives thanks to the members of PRSSA/PRCA for their involvement.

"It was a great idea, a beautiful day, and an even better turnout. We hope this is the first of many," Rush said.

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