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             Elizabeth Bonner can talk about Duke basketball for hours, is a total foodie and loves everything about fall – especially all things pumpkin.  Besides all that, she is also a current senior at Auburn University, soaking in her last football season, unsure of her plans after she graduates this May.

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             Even though she is not sure what sort of career in journalism she wants to pursue, Bonner is sure she wants to write.  She will graduate with a degree in journalism and a minor in political science.

             “I always thought if I did journalism, I would be a hard-hitting political reporter. My classes and exposure to different types of writing while in college, I realized I love features and telling people's stories,” said Bonner.

             Most recently, Editor and Publisher published Bonner’s opinion response to one of their critical thinking questions.

             One of Bonner’s professors in the communication and journalism department
approached her and asked if she would be interested in writing the response to the critical thinking question.  Bonner gladly agreed.

             “The question was about how newspapers can regain the trust of their readership, which is a big one in the industry today,” said Bonner.  “I was really excited to get to do it, especially with a topic on which I had so much to say.”

              In the response, Bonner emphasizes that getting a story out first is not always best, especially if the facts are not correct.  This was not Bonner’s first piece of writing that was published.  She has had a history of published pieces thanks to internships and opportunities on campus she has taken.

             During her college experience, Bonner has been published in The Plainsmen, New Statesman, a news magazine in London, and a daily in Nashville called The Tennessean.

             “I've worked at with magazines and newspapers, and I'm just not sure which route I want to take. All I really know is that I want to write,” said Bonner.

             In 2011, Bonner interned with New Statesman with little journalism experience at the time.  Each day, she wrote two articles for the publication’s website.  She thought this was the best way to start out.

             “I think practical experience is one of the most important parts of a journalism education, and it really helped me in the classes I took when I got back,” said Bonner.

             During her junior year, Bonner started writing for The Plainsmen.  She had the opportunity to write stories across the board, and it allowed her to meet and interact with new people.

             “Writing for these various publications has been very supplemental to the courses I am taking at Auburn. One of the best things we can do is really get out there and practice writing because that’s what’s going to make us better writers,” said Bonner.

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