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Auburn University offers a wide array of amenities to enhance the lives of its students. The newest of these is the Recreation and Wellness Center, which opened this August. The Wellness Center provides students with countless ways to not only stay fit but also provides great job opportunities.

Campus recreation supervisor Michelle Rogge was hired in January 2013 as a facilities attendant, earning her promotion to supervisor in May. During her time at the Wellness Center, she has had many responsibilities.

“As a facilities attendant, I would do things like clean the machines and make sure the building was running smoothly,” Rogge said. “Now as a supervisor, my job includes unlocking the building, making sure all the facilities attendants are during their jobs and handling any injuries or problems that occur during my shift.”

The Wellness Center prides itself on being one of the best campus recreation facilities in the country. Located on campus across from the Auburn Arena and The Village student housing, it provide a convenient locations for student. The new amenities provided by the Wellness Center rival that of any gym.

“The biggest thing you’ll see is the rock climbing wall,” Rogge said. “It is so much fun. If you haven’t been on it, you really need to try it out. We also have over 150 machines in the entire building and eight basketball courts.”

The Wellness also provides multi-purpose courts for indoor soccer, badminton and volleyball, an indoor walking/running track and group exercise studios.

“Student should come to the Wellness Center because we have so much to offer them as far as nutrition and personal training,” Rogge said. “I think we have 100 classes that we offer, so students have a lot to choose from. It’s a great an environment and a great way to meet new people.”

The Wellness Center provides countless ways for students to keep fit, but also provides employment to Auburn students as well. Facilities attendant Dylan Bell thoroughly enjoys his decision to apply for a job at the Well Center.

“I get to work with a lot of great people,” Bells said. “Everybody is so friendly. It is also very flexible with my class schedule.”

Rogge shares the same sentiment about her employment with the Wellness Center.


“I love working at the Wellness Center because I really have met some of my closest friends while working there,” Rogge said. “I get to interact with students on a daily basis and meet knew people. My bosses are awesome, so it is a really relaxed atmosphere.”

Whether you are there to pump some iron or looking for a part-time job on campus, the Wellness Center has it all.

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