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Puppy Love: The Pros and Cons of Owning a Dog in College

There are many responsibilities that come along with being in college: time management, schoolwork, housework, laundry and cooking dinner. With all of these obligations, it may seem like taking care of a dog would be impossible; however, many students do so.

Kayla Wright, a senior studying communication, got a dog during her junior year of college. She said she never knew just how difficult owning a dog while being a student could be.

“I am taking over a full load in school and I work two jobs, so adding a dog into that mix has made my life extremely difficult,” Wright said. “I have to plan my whole schedule around him. I have to wake up extra early for class to take him out, play with him and give him food and water. Then I have to come home in between classes and work multiple times to do the same thing.”

Even though Wright agreed that taking care of a dog while having so many other things going on is difficult, she said there are many benefits as well: “I love having a dog because I never feel alone, I always have a running buddy, he is constantly entertaining me and his continuous love is so rewarding.”

Madelyn Jackson, a senior studying social work, agreed with Wright that owning a dog in college can be a problem when it comes to finding time to take care of their needs. “A con would be trying to make time throughout the day to take care of her,” Jackson said. “If I’m in class for three to four hours, I’m always worried that she may have to use the bathroom or get sick.”

However, Jackson said one reason that having a dog while in college is a good thing is because she always feels safe. “My dog, Dixie, is very protective. She won’t attack anyone but if she hears anything out of the ordinary she will let you know.” Since she is living on her own, away from her parents, Jackson said the sense of security she gets from Dixie is worth the hassle of taking care of her.

Similar remarks were made by engineering student Kevin Caudill: “A pro is that my dog gets really excited when I come home, and that’s a good feeling. A con is that I have to leave her inside the whole time I’m gone to class, which is typically a long time.”

 Having a pet can be rewarding, but there are also many things that must be considered before making the commitment of owning a dog while in college. 

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