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Last year, The Public Relations Student Society of America hosted the event Pups & Pops.  With the combination of popsicles from The Overall Company and puppies from For Paws Rescue, the event struck the core of students’ taste buds and hearts.

The second annual Pups & Pops is to be held on October 9th, from 11-2 on Cater Lawn.  Sarah Bowden is in charge of the event this year.

“It’s been a great experience [to head up the event.] I have four committees underneath me and all of them have been great.  They’ve taken some of the responsibility for me,” Bowden says.  

Bowden gives the details of the event for this year.  Overall Company will be selling popsicles that they homemake for three dollars.  For Paws will bring about 8-10 dogs in which a student can pay two dollars to play with one dog for ten minutes.

“If you pay five dollars, you get a popsicle and you get to play with a dog, plus an extra five minutes, so you’ll get fifteen minutes with your dog,” Bowden emphasizes buying both a popsicle as well as time with a dog. 

When asked about hopes for the outcome of this year’s event, Bowden says, “We hope to have more people, raise more money for For Paws and give them more recognition.  We want more dogs to get adopted.”

Last year, three dogs were adopted on the day of the event. 

Other than a few minor changes, like the five minute incentive, Bowden states,  “We’re keeping the event pretty much the same, because it went so well and everybody loved it.” 

All proceeds go to For Paws Rescue. 

Bowden had a simple message to the Auburn student body, “You need a break from class, and puppies are a great way to do that.  Come enjoy yourself for 10-15 minutes and play with the dogs. The popsicles are great and the flavors are amazing!”


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