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Raising Awareness Rises To A New Level During The Fall

  Donating food to raise awareness rises to a new level every year during the fall. The 19th annual Beat Bama Food Drive kicks off October 8th thru November 19th.  The food drive began in 1994 bringing students, faculty, and community members together to fight hunger and poverty in East Alabama. It is a competition challenging the University of Alabama to see who can collect more nonperishable food. The Beat Bama Food Drive has raised nearly 3 million pounds of food.
   Vice President, Zach Edwards said, “The goal is to raise 315,000 lbs of nonperishable food.” It is the amount the food bank gives each month. He also said, “If each student gives $6.18 we would meet our goal.” Poverty is the main issue. People do not have enough money to buy food.  Sadly enough more that 15% of Alabamians live in poverty. Sixteen percent of Alabama’s seniors live below poverty line. Overall, 12% which is about 214,200 of Alabama’s population is food insecure.
   Edwards said, “Unfortunately, 1 out of 5 kids in our area are food insecure. It is questionable on where their next meal will come from.” There are several ways to get involved in this great benefit. One way is donating an auction item to the 3rd annual Beat Bama Food Drive Auction. Also, on-campus organizations have always been a big part of this drive. Sign up your organization for CAN Challenge. It consists of different games and events to win points. The winner gets a trophy presented at the Alabama A&M game.
   Hunger is the no.1 health risk and with the Beat Bama Food Drive you can help change Alabama’s food insecurity. A student that has been participating in this drive said,” It is a great cause not only for Auburn but for myself as well. I go home around Thanksgiving and think how thankful I really am to have food on the table.  Since I have been at Auburn I have donated and encouraged my friends to do the same.” Donate cans and show your support October 8th- November 19th. It’s not about beating bama, it’s about raising awareness!

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