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Recap of Front Page Stories for the Week Feb. 21-25

This is a collection of some of the stories we've highlighted on Auburn Family's front page.

"Tonight, we are all Toomer's Corner"
Stanford Tree Speaks Out

From ESPN by Patrick Hruby 

The text of the Stanford Tree's emergency address to the nation, following the attacks on Toomer's Corner:


Good evening,


Last month, our fellow trees, our way of photosynthetic life, and our very freedom to provide both shade and a justification for leaf blowers came under a deliberate and premeditated attack.

As you know, an Alabama man allegedly poured herbicide around the oak trees in Toomer's Corner at Auburn University. The victims were 130 years old, beloved by all, a thread in the fabric of campus life. They are our brothers and sisters -- our monoecious and dioecious siblings, if you will -- and their apparent poisoning has filled us with disbelief, sadness and a quiet, unyielding anger.  Read more...

Toomer's Corner
Work Continues in Oak Tree Case

See today's newspaper front pages with stories about the oaks and audio from The Paul Finebaum Show where the suspect called to brag about his act. An arrest has been made in the live oak poisoning case. See WTVM Columbus. Also see A video with the full phone conversation from The Paul Finebaum Show by the suspect, and an interview with Auburn Associate Professor Scott McElroy, is on YouTube at AuburnOaks. Read the initial story inside.

Watch live streaming video from cityofauburntoomerscorner at

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