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The room was silent—besides muffled cries and whispers, the only audible noises were from the television screen.  All across America, people watched in horror as nearly 3000 lives were taken as a result of a heinous terrorist attack. Nearly ten years later, members of our Auburn community reflect on that fateful day.

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“I was in math class taking a quiz in eighth grade, our teacher got a phone call, and immediately turned on the news,” Abie Bigham, an Auburn alum, recounts. Bigham, along with millions of people across the globe were glued to television sets—shocked by the images, worried about friends and family, and just plain scared.


It was a huge event which had a serious impact on everyone’s lives. It is a unique, bonding event which every one has a personal relation to—everyone you know has their own personal story as to where they were when they found out of the terrorist attack on September 11.


“It just didn’t seem real—I don’t think anyone ever expected anything like that to happen,” Bigham says. September 11 is to us what Pearl Harbor is to our grand-parents and older members of the community. It seems strange that that younger people, who were only toddlers a decade ago, don’t remember the tragic events of September 11.


Going through this traumatic event as a nation of people, brought us closer together and truly united us. “I definitely remember everyone rushing to buy American flags at Wal-Mart and being extremely patriotic,” says Catherine Crew, another Auburn alum. Among others, Crew felt a true need to come together and stand in unity in wake of tragedy.


To keep that united spirit alive, today was the grand opening of the September 11 memorial museum. The memorial consists of a museum and beautifully structured fountains with all of the names of the fallen.  You can even watch a “fly through” video which shows the general layout and overview of the inside of the memorial museum. For those of us who won’t be in New York City anytime soon, You can visit to see photos of the memorial and read information on it.

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