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Don't get caught with these resume blunders that may cost you that job interview:

1. Your resume is covered in glitter-literally
. You want to get your resume noticed, but coating the resume in arts-and-crafts materials is probably not the best way to catch an employer's attention. Less extreme attempts such as including image files or using non-traditional symbols or fonts should also be avoided.

2. It's written in full sentences. Your resume should be short and sweet and bulleted. You aren't writing a novel, you are trying to catch a skimming employer's eye and prove you
are worth a second look -- and an interview.

3. There are no numbers. One of the worst things you can do on a resume is be vague. Don't just list your accomplishments in a general way -- have the quantitative data
to back it up.

4. It Lists an Objective. For the most part, objectives sound insincere and, worse, can limit your options. Let your cover letter do the talking when it comes to why you want that particular job.

5. It Lists an Unprofessional Email Address. In a world where email is free, and most of us have multiple addresses, make the effort to have a professional email address. Keep it simple--using your name is best.

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Source: Investopedia

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