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All students majoring in communications, public relations and radio, television, film will know the name Ric Smith. Smith is the internship director for each of those majors.
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Smith has been helping students find internships for something like 20 years. “One thing that makes this program unique is that I am just here to help,” Smith said. “We let students set up internships on their own, in order to give them real world experience finding a job.”

Smith encourages students to come to him for help with any step of the process. Smith said sometimes students don’t need much help at all, while other students need more guidance.

Smith said his job is basically to help students find the internship that is best for them. “Think of what you want to do after you graduate and try to find something as close to that as possible,” Smith said.

Smith said getting close (to what the students wants) allows the students to use the internship as a stepping stone to a permanent job, as well as helps the student build skills and develop contacts that can be used in the future.

Smith encourages students to begin developing resumes and learning how to write cover letters. “I would suggest doing research to find out what you want to do ahead of time, that way you’re ready for the application process when the time comes for that step.”

The most important things students should know about the internship process? “Don’t sell yourself short,” Smith said. “The company is going to hire someone. It might as well be you.”

Smith also encourages students to interview the company as much as the company interviews them. “You want to make sure the company is a good fit for you based on your personality and goals for the internship.”

Smith said students should work one term ahead. “Companies begin looking for summer interns during spring semester,” Smith said. “They start looking for fall interns during summer semester, and so on.”

Students should begin thinking about where they want to intern, who they want to work for and where they want to go. Smith said these are important decisions that need to be made before beginning to process of looking for an internship.

Smith can be found in room 232-C of Tichenor Hall, by phone at 334-844-2757 or by email at            

Students can find out more information by visiting the internship page here.

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