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Vegabond is an innovative and exciting lifestyle brand geared toward the action sports industry. The owner and creator of Vegabond, David Zima, 23, premiered the company in spring of 2009.




Zima works as a Jack-of-all-trades, as he is currently taking classes as a full-time student in polymer engineering at Auburn University, working at All American Embroidery and taking charge of his life-long dream and company, Vegabond.


His passion for his company and lifestyle is evident as he states, “Vegabond is my life not because it’s a company, but because it’s a lifestyle that I am so passionate about. Vegabond is a dream. I want to live that dream!”


He first experienced his love for the lifestyle while growing up in Florida with his friends and family. 


“I grew up in Florida. The beach was right there and the scene for board sports was huge,” Zima explained. “I have skated my whole life. Surfing came shortly after, which I loved and hated at first. It was so hard to get surfing, but I believe it is the most fluid, spiritual feeling anyone can have.”


The company debuted in Auburn, Ala. at Zima’s very own home. Who would have thought to start a board shop in Auburn? Only Zima so far. 


 He originally started spray-painting shirts adorned with skating art. He then started working at All American Embroidery, where he learned the skills to screen print shirts and design hats, clothes and other soft products.


Vegabond offers customers a wide range of original and imaginative products, like surfboards, skateboards, clothing and hats. 


Zima explains, “Vegabond’s major products are definitely the skateboards and surfboards. Surfboards, to me, are the best to produce. I love everything about it.” 


Vegabond is a company that embraces any customer: skater, surfer, none of the above or anything in between. 


“My products are geared toward anyone who loves, likes or has anything to do with skating, surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding, art, music, life, love or happiness. It’s about being a community and following the lifestyle, not just selling boards,” Zima proclaimed.


The creation and production of Vegabond’s products falls chiefly to Zima, with the help and support of his friends.


“I started shaping skateboards shortly after I started Vegabond. About eight months later, I also started making surfboards. Surfboards are simple in construction, but complex in production,” Zima explained.


Zima is a perfect example of having the ability to do anything you put your heart and mind to. Once he started making his dreams a reality, everything else seemed to fall into place for him. He was able to obtain clothes through All American Embroidery and buy cheap blank boards from a friend who supports his passion for shaping.


Even Zima’s schoolwork at Auburn University is devoted to improving his dream. 


“I switched my major to polymer engineering, not to be an engineer, but to learn about materials and resins so I can apply them to this company, my dream,” Zima confessed.


Vegabond has an extensive and impressive future as the company continues to grow and prosper, especially if the company grows along with Zima’s dreams and creativity for the brand.


“I shape and produce skateboards and surfboards now, but would like to produce wakeboards and snowboards in the future,” Zima explained. “I would love to see Vegabond on both of the coasts, in the mountains and in other countries. I want it to be an enormous family community that grows and feeds off of the love for the lifestyle I want to share.”


Extraordinary dreams and an extraordinary future seem to be what’s ahead for Zima and Vegabond.

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