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Many students are preparing for Graduation, which is less than one month away.  Some students will head of to graduate school, law school, or go get another major. But what about the students that plan on heading straight into the work force?

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Most liberal arts students believe that the staff does a great job helping the transition go as smooth as possible. Rebecca Lakin, Auburn University senior, says, “I think our advisors, professors, etc. do a great job helping us find jobs.  They will send out e-mails to let us know about job postings, and they also provide us with many useful tools.”


The department of communication and journalism does a great job helping students find internships and jobs.  Each month Ric Smith, internship advisor for the department, sends out e-mails to all students about opportunities.  He lets students know about all opportunities in and outside of the area that are available.


There are also many websites available for the students.  Internships and job postings and posted on the war eagle me site, propenmic, and more.


“I think it is great how teachers will just make announcements in class about opportunities that have come up,” says Rebecca Lakin.


Most students agree that Robert French is particularly good at this. “He seems to know a lot of people and they contact him with jobs that are available.  He is really good at passing the information on to us.”


“I have applied for many jobs, and most of them I have heard about through my professors and advisors.  I am confident that upon my graduation I will have a job,” says Rebecca Smith, senior in public relations.


Lakin says, “I recently was flown to Chicago to interview with a company and Robert was really helpful with preparing for the interview.”


In addition to having the individual department working hard to find jobs for students, the career website is another great resource for students seeking jobs. Employers go on the site and post job openings.  This is a free service to students. Many students not only use the website for careers and internships, but also for part-time jobs.


There are over 2,000 students graduating in May, all going in many different directions. All of them have one thing in common, their love for Auburn.  

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