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Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail Celebrates 20th Anniversary

Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail is celebrating its 20thanniversary this year.

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The Trail is unimaginably large with 11 different locations throughout Alabama, 26 courses, 468 holes and more than 100 miles of courses.


David Bronner, who is known for his investment in the Trail, told Golf Digest that he felt he needed to build the Trail all at once because if he didn’t, nobody else would. Bronner added, “You gotta get it to a big enough size that you can attract somebody from California to come. You can’t just throw up one or two or three little courses. You had to have a product and a mass that would get somebody’s attention.”


To celebrate the Trail’s success over the past two decades, there are many 20th anniversary deals and celebrations available. On the 20th day of each month this year golfers will be able to play a round of golf on the Trail for only $20 (cart not included).


“With the $20 on the 20thdeal, you’re exposing yourself to that golfer who thinks golf should be $15. He’s going to go back to his $15 course and say, ‘Why am I here? I’m going back over there.’ Second thing, the average golfer plays less than 10 times a year. So if you’re that golfer, you can play all your golf at the Trail this year for 20 bucks a round…it allows that country club guy to break out of his set and go see something different. Put all that together and you’re growing an industry that everybody else says is dying,” Bronner told Golf Digest. 


“In conjunction with the 20thanniversary, our trail cards this year are selling with a loyalty program. You play six rounds and the seventh one is free, “ said Mark Kate Inabinet, Director of Sales and Marketing at Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail at Grand National.


Of course, like any project of this scope, there were challenges and surprises along the way. According to Golf Digest, Bronner said, “The big surprise, getting out of the chute, was we had to find numerous sites and go build them at the same time. As Roger [Rulewich] was saying yesterday, it’s one thing to build eight courses, but when you built eight at the same time and you multiply it because the smallest facility is 36 holes and the biggest one is 54 holes, that’s a whole lot more than eight courses. The big thing was coordinating everything.”


“It’s not just cheap-it’s good. That’s a big difference,” added Bronner.


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